Being cursed by the police! Unfolding Rooney, wielding a walker for violating detention rules

07 Apr

Wayne Rooney pioneered the captain of the Derby County Club in the Championship, breaking the rules of detention and social spacing. During the spread of the Covid-19 virus From coming out to walk with Kyle Walker, Manchester City player, according to The Sun's famous media reports, the city's elite. At present, England has already issued a detention measure. The rule is that each person will be able to exercise outside their own home at least 1 time per day, but do not talk or meet friends. Absolutely normal Because being too close can cause the infection. However, on Friday 3 April, they accidentally met in the evening. After their homes were close together Former Manchester United and walker pioneers at this event, therefore, stroll comfortably with their families. But at that time, a female policeman was just there She rushed in to scold them. Before ordering each family to hurry and go back to their own homeRooney has often blamed Napoleon for dealing with the covid-19 epidemic. Badly throughout the past, while Walker has just been rumored from the case calling the prostitute to his accommodation. Although each person should be detained in the house if there is no 

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